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TENA Day Plus Pads, Heavy Absorbency, Beige, Day Plus Pad Liners, 62618 - Pack of 40.


TENA Plus Day Pads are day pad liners with heavy absorbency is for maximum bladder control protection. Oval-shaped elastics hug the body for improved leakage protection.

  • Added absorbency for bladder and/or bowel control protection
  • Dry-fast dual core™ quickly absorbs fluid for greater security and increased skin dryness
  • Oval-shaped elastics hug the body for improved leakage protection
  • This protection comes in four absorbency levels that are designed to be used with washable tena reusable pants, they are anatomically designed for comfort and security, and the dry-fast dual core™ ensures long-lasting dryness

Tena Heavy Absorbency Day Plus Pads

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