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For moderate to heavy bladder leakage protection... Our highest absorbency protective underwear, with protection against leaks, odour and moisture to help wearers stay dry, secure and confident.

Tena 72235 - Medium $17.99

Tena 72325 - Large $17.99

Tena 72427 - Extra Large $17.99

• 35% more absorbent than TENA Extra

• Lie-down protection for worry-free nights (and days)!

• Secure barrier system with standing leg gathers and soft gathers at the back, ensuring security against leakage


• Body-Close Fit Technology

• Innovative "W" Shaped Absorbent Zone

• InstaDri Skin-Caring System

• Soft, cloth-like breathable pant

• Inner Leg Cuffs

• Convenient Tear-Away Sides


More elastic threads throughout for greater discretion and worry free security.

Conforms to the curves of the body providing a closer fit while channeling liquids away from skin.

Target absorption zone quickly wicks moisture away from the skin.

Has the look, feel and comfort of regular underwear.

Provides the wearer security and comfort.

Makes product changes easy and fast.


For the User: A comfortable, secure and discreet solution

For the Carer: Easy to apply and change.

For the Purchaser: Available in branded and discreet cases.


Hip Size: 114-147 cm / 45"- 58"


Case/56=4 * Pkg/14

Tena Overnight Protection Pullups

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