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67200- Medium-34" - 47" Waist $29.99

68010-XLarge 60" - 64" Waist $13.99
67300- Large 48" to 59" Waist $36.99

TENA Ultra Briefs, manufactured by SCA, are premium, high absorbency briefs. You may select this product to assist with incontinence. Introducing Ultra Briefs with Instadri Skin-Caring System that improves surface dryness and promote healthier skin. In fact, Ultra Briefs transfers fluids to the dual core, a technology that wicks away fluid from skin, and improves fluid absorption through the strategic placement of super absorbent polymers. To further increase skin dryness, the briefs feature a moisture-proof lining, which will protect clothing and linen against dampness.

TENA Ultra Briefs are incredibly comfortable as the material is soft and has curved elastics to provide a better fit. Featuring soft material, this brief is gentle against skin and will greatly reduce noise while moving. Additionally, the curved elastics promotes comfort and enhanced leakage protection by shaping snugly to the body. In addition to being discreet and comfortable, Ultra Briefs feature a wetness indicator that will alert you or a caregiver that the brief has been soiled and needs to be checked. And, once the brief has been checked, hook fasteners make refastening incredibly easy. The choice for protection against heavy incontinence has never been so simple. Wearing Ultra Briefs not only offers the utmost protection, but promotes confidence in wearers as well.

Please see table at the bottom to find the correct size.

TENA Ultra Briefs Features and Benefits

  • Curved Elastics Fit Comfortably to Your Body
  • Dry-Fast Dual Core Technology Locks Moisture Deep Inside and Away from Your Skin
  • Hook Fasteners Make Fastening and Refastening Quick and Easy
  • Instadri Skin-Caring System Prevents Moisture Getting Trapped Against the Skin
  • Moisture-Proof Lining Prevents Leakage
  • Discreet Non-woven Backsheet Reduces Noise from Friction
  • Super Absorbent Microbeads Lock in Odor and Moisture
  • Wetness Indicator Allows Easy Verification for Caregivers

Tena Ultra Briefs - Heavy Absorbency

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